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One helluva review!


*****Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 31 July 2022

Loved this book! I wasn't sure what to expect, Susan Rowland is an academic and a Jungian. I'm definitely not a Jungian, and despite my strong Feminism, I tend to wince at the words Goddess and Crone -and there's a lot of that in this novel. But - I was hooked straight away. The bottom line is that this is a page turner. And despite my allergic reaction to all things Goddessy, it was such an absolute pleasure to immerse myself in 329 pages of a female driven narrative. And what females! Beautifully drawn, intelligent, flawed and intriguing personalities who, when they blend as a "whole", are unstoppable. The plotline is muscular, intense and pacey. It doesn't shy away from some very grisly murders, so if it's blood you're after it doesn't disappoint. And it takes some very unexpected turns with an urgency that means you can't put the bins out - you have to keep reading! If you are looking for a truly original kind of crime fiction with style, magic and chutzpah, and importantly, with characters you want to meet again - then buy this book. I sincerely hope this is a series, and that the second book won't be long behind.

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