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Pandemic is Alchemy

This is Alchemy

Alchemy is the art and science of transformation. It is multicultural in heritage (Africa, China, India, Islam, European). It comes from an age of a different paradigm, one that is already returning to us in complexity theory and the quantum realm. But even if we are wedded to the material paradigm of modernity, the medics tell us that psyche and attitude are part of wellness. If we have a positive attitude, it is likely that our bodies (ensouled bodies) will recover faster and stronger. So a big part of this virus is psychological. Alchemy was about psychological transformation of dark matter: lead, leaden spirit, depression, fear, grief – to gold: good feelings, happiness, divine spirit, even the water of life or panacea, cure for all diseases. In one way, the entire human community is enduring an alchemical progression through dark matter or prima materia with suffering from which we will emerge with lighter spirits. On the other hand, we as individuals can help this process for ourselves and others. Transformations on one level promote transformations on others. Creativity in all forms is in this sense, alchemical transformation. The prime matter of words, paint, memes, musical notes, etc can be combined and distilled (solve et coagula) to lighten the spirit and enter the panacea. Just watch those Italians playing music and singing on balconies! They are healing the world as well as themselves!

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